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Mansion Lokatten in Sweden Featured

The manor house / inn lynx built in 1870, and has a total land area of 1300 square meters.
The main property is 1000 sqm and consists of three levels:

In the basement are in addition to mass storage, a linnérum, and laundry room, a gym, as well as toilets and changing rooms for both men and women and a sauna for 15 people.

In the wing there are 10 large rooms, about 25 sqm, and in each room shower and toilet, hallway and windows. Each room has broadband and cable TV if desired. To the main entrance is connected a dining room, even where a beautiful fireplace, which is easily 50 people, if desired, there is a complete restaurantkitchen of 60 sqm. It has everything. Added to this we also have a wine cellar, and potato cellars.

If you go up one level is also where the restrooms, a ballroom where they have had from the conference to the dance, the room is about 150 square meters, even with a working fireplace. To the upper floor are also changing rooms and offices, if desired.

In the courtyard stands a detached villa of approx 300 sqm, which has been used for residents and businesses. It is divided into 2 parts today, in one part there are seven rooms and a kitchen, restrooms and a fireplace, in the second part is where six rooms and a kitchen and toilets. For this I have 0.5 acres of land, which is connected to the property a ski slope. Is also potential to extend / to.

Los society also has Europe's longest snowmobile trail, it is 100 mil long. 300 people live in the village, there are exactly 570 km from Gothenburg, you go 45-ball all the way to Mora, then it is 100 km to. One can even go up against Orebro, late of Filipstad, Ludvika ...
Surrounding municipalities situated around the Mora, Borlange, Ockelbo, Järvsö, Bollnas, Ljusdal Gällivare Sveg, Sundsvall to Stockholm is 300 km. All tourists who travel by bus up to Ostersund, from Stockholm going through Rättvik by Los, when it apparently serves nearly 50 km.

About 15 pc around lakes, spectacular scenery, both winter and summer.
There are first-hand option to be part of the lease up to 150,000 hectares of land, where there is access to hunting.

Completely renovated everything outside of 2009, painted and put a new roof on the west wing of over 600 square meters, and put a new district from 2008, in other words, it is waterborne. The total cost of running this is about 1800 euro per month, which includes, electricity, water heating, insurance, broadband, cable TV, and insurance.

The entire site is approved by both the fire, health, and environment, which has been conducted wärdhusverksamhet for over 50 years.

Also available as an approval by the municipality to engage in all kinds of processing operations up there.
Both H & M, Lindex and other large companies have had a lot of kick-offs däruppe.Samt the Swedish Ski Team in length had a great training camp up there.

You can also have it as private accommodation if desired.

  • Property Type: Villa
  • Living Area: 1000 m2
  • Land Area: 1300 m2
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Features: Mansion + Guesthouse + Detached Villa
  • Location: Los Lokatten, Ljusdal (Sweden)
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