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Personal Bodyguards Featured

LuxuryRules offer you escort VIP services and Private Protection provided by a team of people specially trained for this purpose.
We have highly experienced personnel and specialists in the field of Physical Security, conduct, and especially in the field of protecting people.


 Preventive Security, along with accompanying preventive, is a deterrent element of a possible aggression or hostile situations that could presumably can occur.

If you consider yourself be a possible  potential target and vulnerable, do not hesitate to contact us, we will stand to have absolute freedom of movement and peace of mind.


The service we offer covers those situations or long-term potential as are protections in specific circumstances (events, promotions, short holidays), legal process, long journeys, city tours , etc...


It is a service aimed for all kind of people whether VIP, artists, entrepreneurs, directors, executives, brokers , etc…


We offer a wide range of vehicles, or if appropriate we can mobilize with yours or your company. Making your move to the company, business meetings, conferences or conventions, as well as we can also make transfers to hotel, airport celebrations and events.


Our commitment to our customers is of utmost professionalism , confidentiality, responsibility and discretion, these commitments are precisely those who endorse our work and have given us to date the guarantee of success in each and every one of our operations.


1. VIP escort services:

• Discreet Escorts: Perfect for leisure and family time because the objective is the invisibility of the accompaniment.

• Accompaniments visual effect: Ideas for celebrations, events, etc ... since the presence of accompaniment is noticed.

2. Private Escort Service.

3. Chauffeur Service.

4. Against surveillance.


All our services are run from the most stringent  technical and operational readiness, prepared earlier, risk assessment, route schedules, alternative routes, monitoring of stay, outposts, etc..


LuxuryRules offers you a team of 5 people educated and trained to perform these services with a total guarantee of success. Our professionalism, discretion and experience, guarantee each and every one of the services that we prepare and we organize for you. 


Our response time at the request of a service is 48 hours. Since we understand that when a customer uses the procurement of such services is only for one reason, it is a necessity.



Do not hesitate to contact us with any question you might need. We are confident that we can offer completely personalized service that you are in need.

Hoping that our services may be of interest, we are at your disposal for what you believe.



Every client requires a different level of service depending on their personalized requests and services. Please call us to discuss your specific needs. We will be happy to answer questions and to offer fee information and special rates based on the personal assistant and concierge services you require.

There is a minimum of one hour charged for all services completed. Subsequently, fees will be calculated by 15 minute intervals (after first hour).

Clients are responsible for all costs related to any and all service requests.
The costs will be included on the invoice for services rendered.

Method of Payment
We accept cash, checks, travelers checks, money orders, bank deposits, paypal,
Western Union or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

Contact Us

Call our operators at 0034-691-680-626 .

We are available 24/7/365
You may also send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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