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About LuxuryRules Market

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Company Profile

LuxuryRules Corporation offers you luxury worldwide services as: luxury news, luxury advertising and luxury services such as; yacht charter, private jets, limousines, private security, luxury resorts, fashion, technology and many more.. is a luxury Web publication providing objective analysis and information to affluent consumers of luxury goods, services and travel.

On we offer you as well the best luxury services and products .

LuxuryRules provides luxury content and insight into a lot of categories, including advertising, luxury transports, limousines services, yacht and aircraft charter services, private jets services, vacation, luxury resorts, luxury travel,  real estate, fashion, technology  private security, luxury news and trends. LuxuryRules serves as a valuable resource guide to more than 200.000 affluent readers monthly.


What is LuxuryRules Marketplace?

Luxury Rules offers the best luxury martketplace to conect luxury buyers with luxury sellers and find items for sale and charter across the luxury lifestyle. Our listings come from selected professional dealers, chosen for their outstanding inventory and reputation.

We put at your disposal simply the best luxury goods, which have passed for a rigorous control of selection to guarantee all the stuff of your wishes.

On Luxury Rules Market we offer offers you luxury worldwide services as: luxury cars, yachts, private jets, planes, helicopters, real estate, motorcycles, art, jewelry, paintings, fashion, antiques, luxury watches, furniture , luxury phones and wines among other things.

All the listings featured on LuxuryRules Marketplace have the direct contact of the owner / seller, although LuxuryRules has also listed some of his own listings. 

The nº1 Best and Real Luxury Marketplace in the world.

LuxuryRules lets VIP visitors search, browse and compare listings placed by luxury dealers from all around the world.

LuxuryRules believes in the power of the internet to create transparent, global markets regardless of where VIP buyers and VIP sellers in the world are, enabling great deals to be made.

Real End-Deals

LuxuryRules Market is the world's first marketplace to offer you the end real deals, span across product categories and offer high-end items from dealers across the world. Our business and technology methods lets you find simply for the best to the right person at the best price, while comparing listings, ensuring that you get the best possible deal on whatever it is you were looking for.


Luxury Rules focuses on only the high-end of each category to ensure that amazing listings are showcased for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for.

LuxuryRules with content that is fresh and alive delivers the best worldwide luxury services.

LuxuryRules, often imitated, always compared but never equalled.